Humanitarian Causes Syria


Abdalla Al Omari’s Vulnerability Series tackles the refugee crisis in a refreshing way that quite frankly hasn’t been done before. We are living in a time where people are frustrated with world leaders for not doing enough. Rather than using this anger to paint our politicians in a negative light, Al Omari tries to appeal to a different emotion: empathy. By depicting our leaders as refugees themselves he is inherently asking them “How would you feel?”. The aim of the series was to give everyone, from Trump to Assad, their humanity back by stripping them of their positions of power. How much eminence would these supposedly great personalities still display? Would their deeply personal stories be lost amongst the millions of others going through the crisis? Would they be welcome anywhere? These are all questions that arose in Al Omari’s creative process. According to him these leaders, who are all partly responsible for the displacement of Syrians, can only know what vulnerability feels like once they are able to see it in themselves.

To view more of Abdalla Al Omari’s work click on the link:

Written By Bijjan Sadegh Shirvani

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